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Recent robberies leave businesses armed


An armed robbery at a store in Wilmington has the shop owner considering the possibility of workers to carry guns.

Thursday night, Russell's Quik Stop was held up by five suspects. At least one had a gun and pointed it at employees.

A store nearby already encourages its employees to carry weapons. The owner of Wrightsville Country Store, Musa Agil, started arming his employees after he was hit twice by robbers with guns.

Almost a year ago, one of his employees shot and injured a man who is seen in store surveillance video pointing a gun at the clerk.

 Since that incident, Agil says there have not been any problems at the store.

 "I refuse to make my people easy prey or sitting ducks," said Agil. "They have a right to protect themselves."

Agil paid for the employees to learn how to handle weapons. All have concealed carry permits.

Agil said he thinks more stores should allow their employees to pack heat.

"Everybody knows not to mess with the store," he said.

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