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A flash in the sky at dawn in Texas


Many Texans reported seeing a flash of light or something burning through the atmosphere around sunrise this morning. There are even a few pictures posted on the internet of the phenomenon.

We spoke with meteor hunter McCartney Taylor of the Texas Meteorite Lab in Austin to find out what it was.

After some searching we found it had been recorded on a skycam, which is a camera pointed straight up into the sky, and located in New Mexico. NASA confirms it was a piece of the Cosmos 2251, which was a Russian Satellite. Those who saw it said it was a green ball which could have come from copper used in the satellite.

The Geminids meteor shower is expected to peak December 14, 2012,but the object seen this morning was not part of that shower. Geminids are rarely seen during the day. The path of the fireball was to the south-south east.

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