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Facebook privacy issues haunt local user


Most of us use Facebook every day without a second thought, checking out pictures of family and friends.

But what if someone was hijacking those photos and pretended they were you? That's what one local family said has been happening to them for years and there's not much that can be done about it.

We've been told before once you put it online, it's there forever.

For Morgan Pentecost, posting pictures to Facebook has turned into a nightmare.

Someone has created nearly a dozen profiles on just about every social media site you can think of using her pictures.

Morgan Pentecost is just like any other teenager, she has a Facebook page and loves to post fun pictures with her friends.

But despite taking precautions to try to make those pictures private, someone has managed to pull numerous photos from Morgan's Facebook account and use them for nearly a dozen other social media sites.

You'll see Morgan's pictures show up on two Facebook pages that recently popped up. Go to albums and you'll see even more pictures of her. But whoever is behind these profiles uses different names.

Morgan and her mother said this has been going on since she was 15.

"Anybody can portray her. It's extremely concerning," said Karen Pentecost, Morgan's mother.

Morgan and her mom said they have filed reports with the White House Police Department, as well as Facebook. But the problem hasn't stopped.

Police told us they investigated it when the Pentecosts first brought it to their attention last year. They traced one of the accounts back to a 14-year-old girl in Georgia and found she wasn't doing anything illegal.

The Pentecosts said they just want it to stop. They worry the Facebook cloning not only puts Morgan in danger, but also could damage her reputation.

Channel 4 News tried to contact the users of those Facebook pages. One would not allow messaging, the other has not responded to our request.

The Sumner County District Attorney's office said in Tennessee for something like this to be identity theft, someone would have to use your likeness for monetary gain and it's not considered stalking unless someone contacts you repeatedly.

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