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New web series: Wilmington man teaching sustainability to the world

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A local man with a big dream to make the world a sustainable place. Jock Brandis with "The Full Belly Project" stars in a new web series called "Replan It". The web series starts Wednesday.

Brandis has spent years making the world a sustainable place. He's teaching farmers across the globe how to grow without technology. 

"It started in a little village in west Africa and its come back home right here," said Brandis.

He wants farmers to be able to grow and supply locally, claiming the "big farm people don't care about the bottom billion."

"The quaint idea that produce from Columbus County would come to Wilmington and be sold, like it was going on in the 1920s," said Brandis. "It has to come back. We have got to grow our food locally and decentralize."

The web series chronicles Brandis as he travels the world teaching locals how to be more efficient.

"In some ways I'm trying to keep a way of life going but its a way of life around the world," said Brandis. "We invent machinery and solutions for basically the poorest farmers in the world.

Rob Hill, the producer of the series started following Brandis 6 years ago. 

"The reaction when Jock is able to bring these gifts to people that need it and the jubilation that these people,e especially in the developing world go through when they receive it, is really amazing," said Hill.

The production is also looking at doing a TV series on Jock Brandis.

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