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Find the cool Christmas light displays here

WILMINGTON, NC...and beyond (WECT) - Tis the season!

It seems every year folks in southeastern North Carolina are getting more and more creative with their Christmas lights.

Already this season, we've featured two light displays:

Whether it's set to music or as abundant as a Clark Griswold display, we want to hear from you.

Comment on this story or email the newsroom at with addresses of local light displays.  We'll keep an ongoing list to share with viewers, so people can drive around and check it out.

Here's our list of other displays so far, but warning that we haven't checked these out specifically. We're also doing this on the "honor system," so we're hoping you are sharing locations in good faith.

  • 334 Westchester Road in New Hanover County
  • 4824 Wedgefield Drive in the Woods Edge neighborhood
  • 149 Windemere Drive in Boiling Spring Lakes
  • Carya Drive in the Silva Terra neighborhood in Wilmington
  • 810 S. 7th Street in Wilmington
  • 702 Clarendon Blvd. in Carolina Beach
  • 3137 Redfield Drive in Leland in Magnolia Greens
  • 6501 Brevard Dr, Wilmington
  • 6500 Brevard Dr, Wilmington
  • 757 Billmark Dr, Wilmington
  • 329 Hughes Road, Hampstead
  • 3623 Beattrice Road off River Road
  • 7265 Savanna Run Loop in Wilmington 
  • 1231 Potomac Court in Wilmington

We also were alerted to this website that lists local decorative displays:

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