Ric Flair's wife files for legal separation, calls him a "cheater"

Ric Flair
Ric Flair
Jacqueline Baines Beems from Feb. 2010 (Photo source: Mecklenburg County Jail)
Jacqueline Baines Beems from Feb. 2010 (Photo source: Mecklenburg County Jail)

One of Charlotte's most famous celebrities is in the headlines again after his fourth wife reportedly filed for a legal separation, calling Flair a cheater in their marriage and in the wrestling ring.

Jacqueline Fliehr filed the papers in Mecklenberg County on November 20, 2012 citing "acts of illicit sexual behavior."

The documents outline that Flair, whose legal name is Richard Morgan Fliehr, "has had numerous intimate relationships with other women during the parties' marriage, to the embarrassment and humiliation of wife."

In the documents, Jacqueline claims that she was a "faithful and dutiful wife" ever since they tied the knot on November 11, 2009.

She claims Fliehr treated her in a "cruel and barbarous manner."

Fliehr's lawyer told WBTV on Tuesday that the story is backwards.

"Mr. Fliehr denies the claims made by Mrs. Fliehr," a statement from Charlotte attorney Larry Hewitt read. "He contends that there was marital misconduct and domestic violence on her part.  All of these issues will be resolved in the  court room."

This isn't the first time the couple has been in the news for a martial spat over the past three years of marriage.

In February 2010, Fliehr filed a police report with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police stating that his wife had assaulted him in their Stonecroft neighborhood home.

Fliehr told police officers his wife, listed as Jacqueline Baines Beems, assaulted him inside the house following a domestic dispute after returning home from dinner.

Fliehr sustained only minor injuries in the reported attack.

Two years later, in June 2012, another police report was filed by the now 63-year-old wrestler who told officers that he was assaulted by his wife again - this time at their condo near the South Park Mall.

No arrests were made in that case.

But according to the documents she filed in court, the pair has been separated since the day after the second alleged assault.

Beems was also charged in Mecklenburg County in April 2012 for driving while impaired and reckless driving.  She is slated to appear in court in January 2013 on those charges.

The documents claim that Fliehr has not paid tens of thousands of dollars in spousal support that he agreed to pay when they hammered out a separation agreement back in October.

Fliehr reportedly agreed to pay Beems $4,000 per month in spousal support, plus a one-time payment of $15,000 to cover legal costs.

He also reportedly agreed to pay $14,000 in back payments from the time they split in July.

A one point it appeared that Beems was holding onto two of Fliehr's signature robes, but returned them to his lawyer's office, according to documents.

The documents claim that Fliehr, who works as an entertainer and spokesperson since his retirement from wrestling, earns an excess of $1 million a year.

Beems claims the "Nature Boy" totally blew off the agreement, and hasn't paid her one single cent, TMZ is reporting.

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