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Audit reveals tax withholding discrepancies

WHITEVILLE, NC (WECT) – Results from a recent audit show that some employees for the City of Whiteville were underpaid while others were overpaid.

Preliminary findings of the internal audit showed 45 employees had a discrepancy of some type – either as over withholding or under withholding for Supplemental benefits and Family coverage options.

According to the city, the discrepancies varied from a few pennies per month to hundreds of dollars.

According to the city manager, the vast majority of employees have discrepancies of less than $50 per month.

Refund checks will be issued to 27 employees, only six having sums greater than $50 per month. The highest refund check is $365 per month in over withholding, according to the city manager.

About 18 employees, on the other hand, were overpaid and must repay that money. The city manager said in a press release repayment terms for those individuals will be developed on a case by case basis.

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