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EXCLUSIVE: Incoming elected official cans long-time county employees

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New Hanover County Register of Deeds Office New Hanover County Register of Deeds Office

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Between the two of them, Nano Scott and Denise Lewis have worked for the county for 40 years.

Much of their time spent at the Register of Deeds office.

But both of these women recently found out, they'll be out of their job on December 3.

"It's Christmas, my husband is on disability and it was a little bit tough," said Lewis.

A new county registrar was elected in November, Tammy Beasley. She will be sworn in next week.

According to emails obtained by, Beasley wrote she doesn't want to keep Scott and Lewis because they do not meet her "expectations of quality customer service standards and required work ethic."

The women both said they have never had a bad performance review or any complaints lodged against them.

"I have never in my 31 ½ years never been to HR for anything and just enjoyed working," said Lewis. "And wanted to keep working – I am young to be retiring or not working."

"I was disappointed," said Scott. "I really feel like she might have kept us because of our knowledge and because of what we know and what we can do."

According to emails, Beasley has replacements lined up for the two soon-to-be-open positions.

Their names have been blacked out from the emails from the county, but in them, Beasley states that she does not require the new hires to pass a drug tests or be subject to comprehensive background checks.

Beasley refused to do an on-camera interview. However, she told us over the phone that because she has known both new hires personally for years, she didn't feel it was important or necessary to conduct pre-employment drug testing.

Since we approached her about this story, Beasley said she now plans to have the incoming employees take a drug test before they start their positions with the county.

A spokesperson for the county said because the registrar is an elected position, it is at that person's discretion as to who is hired or fired – and if new employees will be drug tested.

Additionally, according to emails, one of the new employees will be making $43,000 a year and the other will be paid $29,515 annually.

As for the two outgoing employees, Scott said she hopes another position opens up within the county, because she would like to continue working. Lewis said she plans to retire early.

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