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Aunt: Young niece got "disturbing" book from elementary school


A Catawba County woman is upset, after her 10-year-old niece brought home what she calls a sex education book from a Catawba County school.

The book, called "The Period Book, Everything You Don't Want to Ask but Need to Know" features illustrations of male and female organs, and discusses the female menstrual cycle. It also includes pictures and descriptions of other reproductive functions.

"It just really upset me so bad. It really did," Lori Phillips said. Her niece, Jakayla, 10, recently came home from Catawba Elementary School with the book.

"(It's) graphic, disturbing and it wasn't appropriate for her," Phillips said.

Phillips has refused to return the book, telling WBTV she is afraid another young student will take it home. She wants to make sure the book does not return to the building.

"It shouldn't have been there. It should have been in the guidance office or the principal's office," Phillips said.

WBTV reached out to the school district and we were told the principal asked to meet with Lori Phillips, but she did not show up to the meeting.

A spokeswoman says Phillips needs to fill out paperwork in order to have the book removed. Phillips has not filled out the paperwork, though she says she will in the coming days.

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