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Catlin asks for leadership role in GOP caucus

Rick Catlin (Source: CFPUA Board) Rick Catlin (Source: CFPUA Board)

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - One of New Hanover County's future representatives in Raleigh is looking to take on a larger role when he arrives in the General Assembly next year.

Rick Catlin was elected to the newly-formed House District 20 in the North Carolina General Assembly in November. Catlin tells he is putting his name in the ring to be freshman leader of the GOP caucus.

Catlin says he's in a good position personally to put in the time for the extra workload that would come with the leadership position. He believes the role would also help him better serve those in New Hanover County, because he'd be even more in tune with what is taking place.

Republicans will get the final say as to what if any role Catlin would play in leadership this coming session. There are 31 new members of the GOP and Catlin says a couple people have raised their hands for leadership roles.

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