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Fort Fisher shows up on the big screen in "Lincoln"

FORT FISHER, NC (WECT) – A historic landmark that played a pivotal role in changing the face of our history, now has a role in the recently released movie "Lincoln". The movie mentions Fort Fisher and Wilmington several times.

The fall of Fort Fisher sealed the outcome of the Civil War. It gave the Union access to the final port city on the Atlantic coast.

"Fort Fisher was designed to help the Blockade runners effectively navigate from the ocean up the river to the city of Wilmington," said Si Lawrence, media specialist at Fort Fisher. "Lee thought of it as his lifeline, without it the confederacy would be no more."

"Lincoln" highlights these pivotal moments in scenes of planning the battle. Importance of Fort Fisher on the big-screen adds new life to an old place

"This has definitely been a booster shot as far as getting Fort Fisher on the map and in the minds of people," said Lawrence. "We believe the movie will do nothing but help garner attention to what actually took place here."

"We have already garnered some interest in our site because of the movie and we feel like it can only do wonderful things in terms of increasing visitation," said Lawrence. "It is an advantage to us this time of year because we do slow a little bit down around the holidays but having this has certainly gotten everyone excited about the movie and certainly it seems that way across the nation."

The Chamber of Commerce will look into adding the presence of Fort Fisher in "Lincoln" into their promotional materials.

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