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My Turn: 'Red State' secession

There's been some talk lately about a "Red State" secession.  Don't worry; North Carolina isn't leaving the United States anytime soon.  It violates our constitution.  But beyond that, it simply isn't feasible. 

It may be fun to entertain some of the scenarios.  One newspaper columnist joked about "America's Team," AKA the Dallas Cowboys playing their home games in a foreign country.  Or how about half the population of what is now America, needing a passport to go to Disney World?  Most bars and restaurants could add many more imports to their drink menus without adding one new beer or wine.

Humor aside, I can't think of anything much more un-American than talk of a "Red State" secession. 

The bottom line - our system works.  It is imperfect, but it works.  It gives people the opportunity to make changes.  It happens on every level from city council to the president.  And we get those opportunities often.

So phooey on all this secession talk.  As a businessman, I can't imagine what it would take to document all our employees as citizens.  And I really don't like the thought of the 4th of July being celebrated in a foreign land.    

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Emailed comments from viewers:

It's not our Country that's the problem… It's the Politicians running it! They're called "Civil Servants" instead they are "Self Servants". I'm not happy over the election either and if NC succeeds ….LOL! I guess I'll be moving back to Jersey, I'm an "AMERICAN", always will be and damned proud of it.


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