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School takes action against social media attack

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Hoggard High school students are responding to the arrest of their teacher and football coach. Michael Supak, 37 was charged Thursday with indecent liberties with a student. Since his arrest students are speaking their minds on social media.

Katie Vaughn, a senior, had several classes with Supak, she says she never saw his arrest or the allegations coming. She says she was even more shocked, however, by the way her classmates responded.

"I just remember when it first happened," said Vaughn. "I was sitting in my 3rd period class, and everyone started going crazy with all the messages." Obscene messages against the victim started popping up on Twitter. On Friday, many students wore black to show their solidarity for Supak.

Vaughn says she has been friends with the victim for several years. She says she doesn't believe the girl would make something like this up. Regardless, she says, the social media messages are too harsh.

"It was a little intense and you never think it could happen at your school and when it does it's just shocking," said Vaughn. "I didn't expect people that I'm friends [to write that], with it's just so shocking really, and sad."

According to Valita Quattlebaum with New Hanover County schools, disciplinary action has been taken for these obscene messages.

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office is investigating the cyber-bullying, but as of Monday, no charges were filed.

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