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Broadwell family remains mostly quiet since return to Dilworth home


The Charlotte woman at the center of an extramarital affair that cost David Petraeus his CIA job returned home Sunday evening.

Paula Broadwell, her husband, and their two children arrived back in Dilworth with members of several national and local media outlets greeting them on the sidewalk.

Monday morning, they left the house early. Broadwell resurfaced in the afternoon and had a brief run-in with a freelance photographer.

Nell Redmond, representing the Associated Press, was trying to get a picture of Broadwell getting inside her car.  Broadwell swung the door out, which hit Redmond's camera. The camera hit Redmond's forehead and left a bloody mark.

Broadwell appeared to say, "Sorry," as she quickly drove away.

Redmond tried not to make a big deal of it. "The camera hit me in all the chaos. The doors opened, the camera got hit, I got hit," said Redmond. She called the incident "part of the job."

It's one example of how tension could be building with the spotlight on the Broadwells. However, the night before, Broadwell's husband Scott was very polite to reporters.

He said he had no comment, but jokingly said he would be taking out the trash on Tuesday, if the media wanted to get that on camera.

Within hours, friends and neighbors showed up for an impromptu welcome home. Some brought gifts, others just offered support.

"We are all really glad to have the Broadwell's back in town…and they have the love and support of their friends and neighbors," one man said.

"We're just going to be there for the family they are great people and glad to have the opportunity to support them. They are doing as well as can be expected. They are tough," Friend Liz Burgess said.

When asked specifically about the scandal, friends wouldn't comment. They also say they weren't told about the family's plans in the coming days or weeks.

Last week, FBI agents searched the Broadwell home for several hours, leaving with computers and other items.

The FBI later reported finding several classified documents in the home.

Petraeus, the former four-star Army general, resigned his position as Director of the CIA, after apologizing for the affair.

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