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Brunswick County trains for car chases

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Saturday, the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department held a car chase training for members of the department. About 60 officers, got to practice how to safely get a suspect's car off the road.

The maneuver is designed to keep the officer, the suspect and everyone else on the road as safe as possible.

Officers say the tactic is necessary and saves lives. It helped to catch a suspect back in March, after a man dropped a badly beaten 3-year-old off at the hospital and took off. The child later died.

Officers say if a suspect is dangerous, it's hard to know what they will do on the road. They could crash into other cars.

"If the certain conditions are met and they can stop the pursuit than they can save a life," said Sammy Turner, with the Sheriff's Department. "With the unknown, they can stop them from going down the highway and possibly killing somebody, so its important that they train and do this maneuver."

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