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Carolina Beach residents speak out after leaders resign

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - Carolina Beach town residents are speaking out after some town leaders shocked residents with a surprise resignation Tuesday night. The mayor, a council member, and town manager all quit after a closed session meeting.

"It's very disappointing, very disappointing," said Sue Farlow, Carolina Beach resident.

It's a common theme among many Carolina Beach residents. Farlow has been living in the town for 8 years and voted for former Mayor Ray Rothrock.

"I'm wondering why and what is going on," said Farlow. "Wondering if there is some sort of corruption in our local government."

Many are asking the same question and jumping to similar conclusions.

Councilman Lonnie Lashley clears up the rumors. He said town manager Tim Owens had two choices - quit or be fired.

"Both Mayor Ray Rothrock and I didn't think it was justified," said Lashley.

The Mayor and councilman resigned because they disagreed with the council's decision.

Former Mayor Dennis Barber said it's no surprise the Mayor quit, but the timing was wrong.

"I hate that this happened at this time because there are so many important issues facing the town that need to be resolved," said Barber. "Two resignations on the town board and the town manager is a significant impact on their leadership and I'm sure they're wondering now in which direction they will go in."

Farlow goes on to say, "It's a small town and we have our bumps in the road we've had them in the past and I'm sure things will work out for the best."

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