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NEW DETAILS: Search warrants show white powder used in slushy

Part of the "goodbye note" deputies found inside Jeannie Marvel's home. This is one of four "goodbye/suicide notes." Part of the "goodbye note" deputies found inside Jeannie Marvel's home. This is one of four "goodbye/suicide notes."

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Search warrants are giving new details into how Jeannie Marvel allegedly tried killing her own daughter and the family cat. obtained two search warrants for the home located at 9408 Scratch Court in Wilmington.

The first warrant was served on September 10, 2012 and gives a very detailed picture of what detectives found inside the home.

According to the warrant, a woman by the name of Mindy Vitale contacted New Hanover County 911 after she tried to make contact with Marvel for nearly five hours. Vitale showed up to the home and found Marvel lying on the kitchen floor, face down and unresponsive. She also found Marvel's 9-year-old daughter on the couch in an impaired state.

When deputies arrived at the house, they found Marvel unresponsive and the child in her bed. The warrant says Vitale moved the child from the couch to her bed. It also says Marvel was breathing but not coherent.

The 9-year-old was conscious and alert but was clearly under the influence of an "impairing substance." The girl is described in the warrant as having slurred speech and "unsteady."

Deputies also found a cat in the house. The cat is described as being in the "fetal position" and in distress.

They also found several unknown bottles of medication and a bottle of rat or rodent poison on the kitchen counter. There were also three handwritten notes in the area. One note was addressed to "Deb." The deputy recalls it saying something like "sorry I made the choice I had to make." He also remembers it saying "give away my clothes."

Emergency responders say Marvel was depressed, according to a note. They also say in the warrant that nothing seemed to be working for her and "how she had to take her child and cat with her because no one else could take care of them."

In an interview with the child on the way to the hospital, the 9-year-old told deputies that she was supposed to have pizza for dinner but Marvel ended up giving her a "slushy" instead. She told them the slushy consisted of "Pepsi soda, something orange like a snow cone syrup and a white powder."

Both Marvel and her daughter were taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center's intensive care units for treatment.

A second warrant issued and served for the residence on October 11, 2012. An EMT worker explains that she found two weekly pill containers that appeared to be empty except for one day. The worker also remembers finding a note that said, "I'm sorry and that I am taking the child and cat with me and that I am depressed."

Two cellular phones were on the counter during this search and they were seized by detectives. Also on the kitchen counter was a bottle marked "roach killer" and several prescription medications.

The detective states in the warrant that the cell phones must be seized and searched as it could provide crucial information regarding the investigation. It states that the information would help with the four handwritten notes left by the suspect which is Marvel.

More than 30 items were seized from the Marvel's home. Those items include a blender, soda cans, white substance residue from kitchen counter near the blender, more than 15 pill bottles, cell phones, four goodbye/suicide notes, clothes and blood kits.

Marvel is charged with attempted first degree murder and animal cruelty.

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