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CRIME PREVENTION: District Attorney's Office implements 20-year plan

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – While law enforcement officials work hard to keep crime in the city under control, there are still certain areas in town where police are repeatedly called.

The District Attorney's Office is implementing a 20-year Plan in an effort to reduce crime-ridden areas of town.

The plan is simple – teach the children living in these areas the difference between right and wrong.

Local law enforcement is working with non-profits on programs like the Blue Ribbon Commission. They are also looking at communities like Harlem and will borrow and implement their best practices.

According to District Attorney Ben David, the people living in these neighborhoods are the victims, and sometimes even the ones causing the crime. He says if you don't educate the problem will continue.

"If we're doing nothing to focus on the long term success of these kids, then instead of more schools, we'll build more prisons," said David. "We realize that education is the very key to the way out of poverty. This is a poverty thing."

David visited DC Virgo Tuesday as part of the Youth Enrichment Program and will be at a luncheon Wednesday with at-risk youth, bringing awareness to the issues of drug and alcohol.

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