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Council member wants town manager suspended for water bill glitch

Stevie Cox (Source: Columbus County) Stevie Cox (Source: Columbus County)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) – At least one council member in Chadbourn said he plans to make a recommendation during their meeting Tuesday night to suspend Town Manager Stevie Cox.

Council members say they received several phone calls from residents complaining that their water bills were not correct. The town recently installed new water meters which is causing a glitch and interference in the billing process, according to council member Fax Rector.

According to Rector, the water bills normally include a billing period of 30 days, but now some bills include a period of 32 or 37 days.

Council member Edwin Roberts believes employees at Town Hall should have noticed and fixed the bills before they were mailed out. He sent his fellow board members an email saying he will recommend the suspension of Cox during Tuesday's meeting.

Roberts said Monday he would not confirm or deny if he's going to ask the board to suspend Cox.

Rector said the item is not on the agenda to discuss. He said Roberts would have to add it to the agenda and another council member would have to support the item before they take a vote.

Rector said several council members have talked privately with Cox about the billing errors. He said the town manager will be responsible for fixing the problem, so it would be a double-edge sword to suspend Cox.

Cox was recently on trial for being accused of impersonating an officer. The jury was hung and the case was labeled a mistrial. According to Lynn Wilkie with the DA's office in Columbus County, a possible new trial could happen in February 2013. They're still reviewing all their options at this time.

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