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Family and friends gather to remember tow truck driver killed

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Friends, family and fellow drivers came together Friday afternoon to remember a tow truck driver who was killed last weekend after he was hit by a car while changing a tire.

"John was a great guy," said Mike Chambers, with Chambers 24 Hour Wrecker Service. "He will be missed." Those that knew him say, John Colville, was the kind of person that would do anything for anyone. After his funeral, his casket was raised onto a tow truck and a procession of his colleges followed his body to the cemetery. 

"I was very shocked to hear what happened to John," said Chambers. "I just a ran a wreck with him the other weekend." Colville was killed by an accused drunk driver while he was changing a tire.

"You hear about it happening all the time, but when it happens to you, it really hits home," said Chambers. Tow truck drivers say it's a dangerous job.

"I've had to jump on the back of my truck to avoid getting hit," said Chambers. Even though new Move Over Laws went into effect this fall to include tow truck drivers, they say not everyone listens.

"Nationwide, there are several throughout the year, not just tow truck drivers have been killed but law enforcement and EMS too," said Phillip McCorquodale, of Phillips Towing Service, INC. "The number is on the rise."

They say it's so important for people to obey the laws and move over. "The amber lights are not out there for decorations - move over," said Chambers.  Adding that, that one maneuver has the power to save lives.

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