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What would you ask Google? We get a rare look inside Google HQ

PHOTO:  Thomas Tenkely, Google TV Ambassador PHOTO: Thomas Tenkely, Google TV Ambassador

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (WECT) - We're getting a rare, inside look at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Ever wondered what life is like at Google?  Want to hear about the latest news about Google?  What's the next big thing?

WECT and Fox Wilmington's Michelle Li is in Google Country for the next two days to answer those questions.  She's there for a Google TV Ambassadors Summit, where people are talking about Google TVs and Google TV products.  Do you have an Internet-based television?  Would you like to be able to watch YouTube from your TV?  It's happening, and many companies are pushing the industry in that direction.

The summit starts Friday.  Michelle will be giving us updates here and then will bring back a report when she returns to Wilmington.

In the meantime, what would you ask the folks at Google… if you had a chance to bend their ear?  Submit your question and we'll try to get it to the right people at Google during our visit.

Want to keep up on the latest with Google TV?  Read the official Google TV blog.

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