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How you can help Hurricane Sandy victims

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Help is coming from all over the country for those heavily hit -- first, by Hurricane Sandy, and now, a Nor'Easter. People in Wilmington are making sure they do their part. 

When disaster strikes, basic necessities become valuable treasures. Thousands of people in New York and New Jersey are homeless and many more are without power.

"What can North Carolina do to help?" asked Sarah Thornton, organizer of Pine Valley Market donations. "I can't help but feel obligated to do something when we're often hit by hurricanes and how can be we not lend a hand?"

Trucks and cars, filled with items donated by people all over Wilmington are heading up the coast.

"They're going to drive into the south end of Lindenhurst and get the supplies to the actual people that need it that cant get out," said Tina Mcartan, organizer of Hell's Kitchen donations. "We're going to actually hand deliver."

Trucks at Pine Valley Market on S. College and Hell's Kitchen in downtown will leave in a few days.

They are asking people to donate more candles, lanterns, batteries, diapers, baby food, non-perishables, canned food, water, and cleaning supplies.

They are also asking others to come join in their effort.

"Other businesses and organizations in Wilmington that are also collecting goods will hopefully get us all united and put it in this big truck," said Thornton. "There's no reason to take a half-full truck to New York."  

Vinny Doria at Uncle Vinny's Pizza is collecting donations till 8pm Thursday.

"So many people just dying for help and they're just not getting it," said Doria. "We have come together as a community and a society is help everybody. God forbid if this ever happened here we would expect the same thing from other states to help us out."

Here is a list of other places you can donate to, according WECT's Facebook page:

  • Little Church on the Boardwalk in Wrightsville Beach
  • Turtle crossing cupcakes in Calabash
  • Grace Baptist Church/Wilmington Christian Academy
  • Buddy Blake's ReMax (Saturday 9:30-3 p.m)
  • Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce
  • WilmingtonCares
  • American Red Cross
  • Salvation Army

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