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Your Turn: Why is no one talking about education?

By: Laura Hunter, South Brunswick High School History Teacher

Politicians have now expended all the air in their lungs blaming each other for our economic woes. By the time the election finally got here, it's doubtful whether anyone was even listening anymore.

As someone who sees the best and brightest of this generation pass through my classroom, I am left with only one head-scratching reaction to all this talk, talk, talk: Why is "no one" seriously talking about public education?

It's where 56% percent of your tax dollars go in North Carolina; it's where 100 percent of our future lies.

I was sitting in a coffee shop this weekend and struck up a conversation with a man sitting beside me. Long ago in high school, geography was his favorite subject. He said, "Kids today can't even find Arkansas much less Syria on a map! Why aren't schools teaching the "fundamentals" anymore?"

My answer: My students can find Arkansas and Syria on a map. Using their cell phones they can find answers more quickly than you could even imagine.

We need to teach to teach kids how to "think" and how to process the information available at their fingertips. Critical thinking is the skill of tomorrow's American worker.

In reality, schools aren't failing; schools are changing.

So, we can proudly celebrate American Education Week all next week. 100 years ago kids weren't even required to go to school; now 50 million students walk through the doors of America's public schools daily. That's what I call progress. What about you?

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