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The votes are totaled in Columbus County

James Prevatte James Prevatte
Buddy Byrd Buddy Byrd
Edwin Russ Edwin Russ
Trent Burroughs Trent Burroughs

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) – No Republicans were running for county commissioner in Columbus County, so pending any write-in candidates, many of those races were decided during the primary election in May.

James Prevatte, who's been a commissioner for seven years, will continue serving. Prevatte, a retired teacher says, since commissioners have to divide money between two school systems, he wants to focus on education and make sure no child is left behind.

Buddy Byrd will continue representing District 3 as a county commissioner. Byrd is a longtime farmer and businessman. He plans to focus on jobs and affordable housing for the entire county.

Edwin Russ will serve a second term as county commissioner representing District 4. The businessman did not face a challenger in the primary. He says he wants to continue helping the county focus on recycling.

Trent Burroughs is the only newcomer to become a Columbus County commissioner, representing District 5. Burroughs, who didn't face a challenger in the primary or general election, replaces Lynwood Norris who served as a county commissioner for 32years. Burroughs has been Tabor City council member.

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