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WEATHER: Rapid Election Day changes

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – After a near perfect weather weekend, an Election Day system will bring rain to our coastal counties with stormy conditions into Wednesday for the Mid-Atlantic States.

The cold front that produced showers last night has now pushed off shore.  Behind it, there is a small area of high pressure bringing cool temperatures and sunny skies.   But by late Tuesday the forecast will be rapidly changing as a coastal low develops and works northward off of the North Carolina coastline.  While there is some discrepancy in the model data as to when this system approaches, the current timing would bring northeasterly winds and rains to the region starting on Tuesday evening lasting through early Wednesday afternoon.

As the storm moves northward into the coast Mid-Atlantic waters we will see it strengthen rapidly. This could cause minor flooding and stormy conditions to the already storm ravaged New Jersey coastline.  For us, it will mean some breezy and cool conditions on Wednesday into Thursday.

Sunny skies prevail into next weekend.

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