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Good Samaritans rescue five sharks

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(Source: Jamie Haines) (Source: Jamie Haines)
(Source: Jamie Haines) (Source: Jamie Haines)

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WECT) – Five sharks trapped in a net were rescued by good Samaritans Saturday who noticed them near the shore of Bald Head Island.

Jamie Haines, a tourist from Rhode Island, was biking along the shore when she spotted the sharks.

Along with the help of others on the island, she worked to cut the sharks free.

The sharks were up to 10 feet long, and they were trapped in a gill net.

"It was crazy seeing all these sharks caught in this net," Haines said. "They weren't thrashing around or anything like that, so there wasn't really that much concern as to whether something might happen if they got free, like if they would attack."

Haines said she wasn't sure if some of them were alive, but once the group walked out with the sharks to deeper water, they were able to swim away.

Previously, Haines worked as a marine biologist, but did not specialize in sharks. She said she believes the sharks could have been grey nurse sharks.

"It was good to be able to be there and help out," Haines said.

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