Sen. Edwards takes politics to the beach

If you headed to Wrightsville Beach Sunday morning, you probably saw cars crammed into every spot and sunbathers lined along the sand.

And, you may have even seen Senator John Edwards.

With american flags flying and signs waving, supporters welcomed Senator John Edwards to the strand.

They joined him for his annual Wrightsville Beach walk. It's become a Fourth of July tradition, but this year is different. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry could tap Edwards as his running mate.

A throng of supporters walked along the sand with him. All came out to back the man they say should be vice-president.

"John Edwards speaks to the heart of issues," said Amy Goodale, who brought her daughter out to the rally. "He can make the democratic ticket a winning one."

Something these people agree on, even those too young to vote.

"I think he'd be a great vice president," said 10-year-old Allie Goodale-Johnson. "He would do so much for the country."

He won't discuss that. But between handshakes and signing autographs, he said it's time for a new president.

"We need a change in direction," Edwards said. "we need to change the way ...

Supporters of Senator Edwards said the priorities need to change in the White House. Edwards says voters can make that happen in November.

"bad economy - losing jobs ... I'll do everything I can to make that happen.

This beach walk is one stop senator edwards enjoys every fourth -- one -- these supporters say is just a stop on a path leading to the white house.