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Mailed letter details voter history

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Intimidating and harassing--that's what some voters are saying about a letter that's being sent around to folks in our community.

The letter is from a group called "Americans for Limited Government." Here's why people are upset about it. The letter shows your name, your street address and if you have voted in the past two presidential elections - plus if you have voted in this election.

It also lists a few of your neighbors and indicates their voting record. We talked to Mike Starrett. He lives in Hampstead and got the letter in the mail over the weekend. He found the letter to be bullying - plus - his voter information on it was wrong. It said he didn't vote in the last election, but he did. He believes the letter is trying to encourage people to get to the polls, but he thinks this group is going about this the wrong way.

According to its website, ALG is working to "advance free market reforms and private property rights." But folks we talked to say they feel like the letters are an invasion of privacy.

ALG claims to be a non-partisan group - but many of their articles appear to be critical of the president. We tried to get in touch with them, but they haven't returned our calls or emails.

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