Leland officers suspended for involvement in fight resign

LELAND, NC (WECT) – Two officers with the Leland Police Department who were reportedly involved in an altercation in downtown Wilmington Saturday resigned Thursday amid an internal investigation, according to a news release from a town spokesperson.

"However, the investigation will continue into the incident so that Police administrators may assess where policy and procedures can be more effective to help prevent future incidences of this nature," read the news release.

Town Manager David Hollis said he received a phone call around 3:30 Saturday morning saying two of his officers were involved in an altercation in Wilmington.

As a result, officers Brandon Crain and Andrew Correll were suspended without pay pending an investigation. According to the Wilmington Police Department, the two men were cited for misdemeanor "affray."

Police say the incident happened on Front and Market Streets near The River Rat bar.

Officials say the fight began with a few people and escalated to a group of five throwing punches and kicking each other. They say it stemmed from words that had been exchanged earlier in the night.

The following people were cited for misdemeanor "affray" in connection to the altercation, according to police:

• Zachary Ahrens, 29 of Leland

• Andrew Correll, 25 of Wilmington

• Brandon Crain, 25 of Wilmington

• John Creech, 19 of Wilmington

• William O'Neal, 21 of Wilmington

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