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Zombie attack at Kilgore College!


Kilgore College gave a tour to some visitors they hope won't be back for at least a year.

You could smell them coming. Yes, the college was attacked by zombies, and it's so ironic that it was on Halloween.

It's so quiet on the campus. I can't believe everyone is in class. There must be somebody wandering around.

Oh, there are a group of students. They must be tired from studying since they're moving so slow.

Yes, dead tired.

"We wanted to raise money for the Visual Arts Club, so that's anyone in graphic design or fine arts. We were trying to come up with something safe that we could do that was Halloween-themed. We started out with a haunted house, but having to build that and all the manpower that would take; we felt like this would be something we could include the whole campus on. And with the popularity of the zombie culture we felt like we could capture a lot of people and alumni, so it was open to everybody. We had a decent turnout. It looked a lot bigger than I thought it was," Coy Lothrop with the Advertising and Design Department at Kilgore College explained.

There were around fifteen zombies, but more seemed to join in all the time for some reason.

"Okay, so to kill these zombies...it's either a bullet in the head or Administration," I commented.

"Or Administration says no," Coy confirmed.

That's good to know in case of swarming. I'm just glad they aren't the fast zombies, but I still didn't get too close.

The Kilgore College Visual Arts Club received $5 per zombie. The money helps fund trips and meals for the students. They plan on making this an annual event.

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