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FIRST LOOK: AFP more than 85% of "Vote No" money

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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The conservative group Americans for Prosperity provided the bulk of the "Vote No Stadium Tax" referendum committee's money, according to the organization's campaign finance report.

The in-kind donations of media buys and yard signs total $32,432, which accounts for more than 85% of what the group has collected. Organizer Scott Harry said AFP's contribution does not take away from work done by local volunteers.

"Our battle is their battle," said Harry.

The finance report lists a dozen donors, one from Virginia, who gave at least $50 each. There are 12 more contributors who added amounts of less than $20. The report for the Wilmington Family Entertainment and Baseball Coalition did not include that many financial contributors. Still, Harry said the money does not reflect the effort of the committee.

"We've had hundreds more supporters than those who gave," he said.

The "Vote No Stadium Tax" group opposes a $37 million bond referendum to build a multi-use facility in downtown Wilmington.

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