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My Turn (Guest): The hypocrisy of some local politician signs

By: Brent Jarrett

I wonder how many other people have observed the hypocrisy some of our local politicians have on display throughout the area.  I am talking about the proliferation of political signs along our roadways. 

Yes, I realize there are a lot more pressing issues than the ubiquitous political signs that seem to pop up overnight.  It's just that I can't help but recall the efforts of these same politicians wanting to remove signs from area roadways because they are unsightly distractions.

What bothers me is the time and effort they put into making sure local business owners remove signs that do not comply with local ordinances.  Remember the Flip's Barbeque sign?   That iconic sign existed in one form or another on Oleander Drive for more than 50 years.  It had to be removed because of a selectively enforced sign ordinance.

Also, a Carolina Beach business owner came under fire for flying too many American flags. Yet these same people, the so-called "enforcers" of the sign ordinance, find it perfectly alright to litter our local roadways with political signs before each and every election.  These signs are everywhere and they look trashy.   

I would much rather see an American flag flying splendidly over a business or reminisce at the sight of a sign that brings back childhood memories than read the names of some self-important, unreliable politicians whose only goals are to get elected.

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