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Columbus Co. to discuss property taxes

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Property taxes are staying the same in Columbus County - for now.

Monday night, county commissioners postponed a public hearing to discuss reevaluating taxes, and some citizens called and said they were unaware of the hearing.

People in Columbus County pay some of the highest taxes in the area because of the small population.

In the past, some commissioners have said they would like to see the tax rate lowered, but that may not happen soon.

"We're focusing on the district one and two connection that way it will put more revenue in our direction," said Amon McKenzie, a county commissioner. "As we do that and improve things, we're looking for ways to improve or lower our tax rate."

Commissioners say that the biggest property tax increase would be two and a half percent. They say a lot of property taxes have gone down. 

There will be a public hearing to discuss the county's annual tax reevaluation. 

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