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New law crackdowns on stolen metal

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - This month a new state law went into effect to help crackdown on copper thefts.

Under the Metal Theft Prevention Act, recycling centers must get a permit and can no longer buy nonferrous metals.... Which include any air conditioner coils from private citizens not affiliated with a commercial business.

"What this does is gives us a better ability to track and not just track, but also hold businesses accountable. Because if you're taking these types of metals, copper, the ones that basically don't have iron in them, then you need to be able to show where you're getting them from." Said Sgt. Jerry Brewer, with the New Hanover County Sheriff's office.

"You got people breaking into houses, stealing copper wire, copper water hose, people climbing onto telephone poles stealing wires. Because precious metal, is bringing high prices now." Said Charles "Chuckie D" Dorman, who owns C Todd's Recycling Center in Wilmington.

Some people who are against the metal theft prevention act, argue that it will hurt business.

"If you're taking this window unit saying, I know it has copper in it. I want to sell it to you as a nonferrous metal then they can't. Because that falls under the general statue. But if they take an air conditioning unit and say, hey I want to sell it for scrap metal which is like 11 cents a pound, then they can. it's the intent of what it is you're trying to sell." Said Sgt. Brewer.

Permits for recycling centers are free and can be picked at your local sheriff's office. 

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