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My Turn: Brian Berger is a bully

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New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger

For the past couple years, you bring up the name Brian Berger and most people in this community just chuckle or roll their eyes.  His constant tardiness or his lack of follow through as a New Hanover County Commissioner has made good cocktail party chatter.

I don't know how he got elected because you'd be hard pressed to find anyone now that admits to voting for him.

But it's starting to get less funny.  Berger continues to live in a world where he believes there is corruption and forces out to get him.

The fact is things could run smoother in New Hanover County.  There's always room for improvement.  But in his zest for change, Berger has taken to berating county employees.  These are people who I believe are working to improve our area and they have to sit in county commission meetings and listen to his baseless claims about them.

He's a bully.    But county workers shouldn't have to sit there and take his rude behavior.

Unless he gives up and calls it quits, we have to live with this for two more years.  So I hope others stand up for those county employees and make him stop.  Because they may feel like they don't have a voice in this. 

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

The time has come for Mr. Berger to be removed from his position, no matter the cost in time or litigation.  He has failed to do the job for which he was elected.  You are right on the money in my opinion!


You were 'right on' concerning the Berger fiasco!! It is evident, someone needs to propose a way to unseat people who do not fulfill their elected duties. We can impeach a President, but can do nothing with a derelict county commissioner??? What's wrong with that picture?? Two more years at our expense.... Unacceptable!


I'm glad someone mention about Brian Berger and his attitude of not caring about his position. I have mention through two e-mails about him of his childhood look at his job and really not caring about this county.

My hats off to you and I salute you Sir.


I agree with you completely about Berger. Too bad that it appears that there is no legal way to remove him.

In the OLD days we could ride him out of town on a rail!!!


I wondered the same thing about Mr. Berger…………… did he get elected?????

I am not even from New Hanover County and I am sick of seeing his juvenile displays on TV.

I hate to slam Romney's running mate, Ryan, but have you seen how much he looks like Berger????

I was watching some of the debate last night and with his facial expressions all I could see was Berger………..I had to turn it to something else.


Yay! Go get him Gary! This man is a waste of time & money. He obviously has mental issues due to his actions regarding his job & how he reacts to the public. His whining & disregard for his position drive me crazy. Do we really have to tolerate this for 2 more years? Can't he be forced to resign? Can't he be held responsible for all of the crap he pulls. Looks to me like if anyone else was behaving in this manner they'd be run off, dimissed. But sadly, no.  I would gladly have signs printed up with Berger in the center & a red circle with a slash thru his name, meaning NO MORE BERGER! There has to be some way to get rid of him. Thank you, sorry for the rant!      

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