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GOP chair questions if race, gender delaying commission appointment

Melissa Gott Melissa Gott

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The head of the Republican Party in New Hanover County is openly questioning whether race and/or gender are playing a role in the delay of a recommended interim county commissioner.

Last week, commissioners postponed a vote on the GOP-backed selection of Melissa Gott for the position after a private citizen questioned whether she lives in the county.

In preparing the Republican Party's case to commissioners, Chair Rhonda Amoroso states in a cover letter, "one must wonder whether the fact that Ms. Gott is a Latina and a woman has played a part in this delay."

The letter was part of a 60-pages document submitted to commissioners in an effort to prove that Gott lives in the area.

Commissioner Rick Catlin said he has no idea why Amoroso would include that in the letter, and welcomes a woman to the board.

The 60-page packet submitted by the GOP includes affidavits from Melissa Gott, two of her employees, and a letter written by New Hanover County Democrat Party Alex Hall all saying that she lives in New Hanover County.

In Gott's affidavits, she explains that she lives in the two-bedroom house on Chestnut Street with her husband and two children. She also says that she owns property in Brunswick County, and that a second house in Leland is used only as a second home.

Gott turned over several utility bills from both houses in each county, though any information about amount paid and usage for the utilities were left out.

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