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Some farmers worried about proposed farm bill

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Some farmers are concerned that a proposed farm bill will leave them empty-handed.

Back in June, U.S. senators passed a farm bill that is aimed at helping low income farmers, while also cracking down on farmers who get paid for not growing any crops.

Members of Congress are set to vote on the bill after the upcoming November election.

Senator Kay Hagan says the bill ensures that if something out of a farmer's control happens to crops, the farmer can rely on insurance.

But last week, some local farmers said that the current bill factors in this year's high corn prices, which will eventually hurt them financially.  

Tuesday, Hagan said she recently sent a letter to environmental protection trying to address the issue. 

"Saying, the price of corn and our feedstock in our agricultural industries has gone skyrocket," said Hagan. "Let's look at that ethanol, as far as using corn and ethanol and maybe give it a break right now so our farmers can get a break."

Senator Hagan says she thinks it's terrible that House members went home without taking up the bill. She believes the bill will save millions of dollars. 

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