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Vehicle taxes soon to be due up front

NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) – Drivers will soon have to pay more up front to get their license plates renewed.

Beginning in the summer of 2013, the State Department of Motor Vehicles will be collecting motor vehicle taxes before they'll let you renew your license and registration.

The DMV will be rolling out the new program in July. It's expected to significantly cut down on the number of people who duck out of paying their vehicle taxes.

The state legislature passed a several law years ago allowing the DMV to start collecting the vehicle taxes, but it's been a long process for the state and local tax agencies to prepare to launch the program.

As it stands now, drivers already have to pay to get their cars inspected before the DMV will let them renew the tags. Starting July 1, the vehicle tax must be paid up front too.

According to New Hanover County tax administrator Roger Kelley, the vehicle registration process can still be done online, but the taxes will be added to your total bill. He says you will be able to pay by credit card.

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