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"Vote Yes" launches campaign for Wilmington baseball stadium

Vote Yes launches campaign Vote Yes launches campaign

WILMINTON, NC (WECT) - You've probably seen the "Vote No" signs lining the streets, and now you'll start to see some that say yes.

"We wanted to start with a bang" said Jarrad Reynolds, a volunteer with the Vote Yes campaign. The organization in support of building a multi-million dollar baseball stadium picked the weekend of October 6 to get their campaign going.  With the election exactly one month away, and 60,000 people flocking to downtown Wilmington for Riverfest, organizers said now is the perfect time to get the word out.

'Riverfest is a great place to start - there's tons of people here," said Reynolds. Down the street, their opponents also set up shop, but this wasn't the first time they made their message visible.

"We wanted to get [signs] out early - we wanted those Vote No signs in your face," said Scott Harry.

"Our signs are big - they are colorful, once they get out there they will be in the same places that the no signs are, nobody is going to remember which signs they saw first," said Reynolds.

Both organizations say they are also using social media to get there word out, in hopes of reaching as many people as possible by November.

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