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DA talks about cracking down on illegal nightclubs

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Thursday, District Attorney Jon David met with alcohol law enforcement officers to discuss closing a place called Balls, a popular hangout in Evergreen. 

Ever since three people were shot at the Balls last month, deputies have made an effort to close down the hangout spot.

Jon David told us, they're working to get a nuisance embankment, which would take the owner to court in an effort to close the hangout for good.

Over the past two years, deputies have been called to balls nearly 20 times. 

Back in 2009, a college student was shot and killed there. Many people in the community say law enforcement officers tried shutting the place down then, but did not do it.

We asked David who was not district attorney at the time, what's different this time around. 

"I like to think there's an emphasis on these cases and better working relationship between the DA's office and sheriff's office. Also the state agency of ALE. The three agencies are working together to do something proactive. To shutdown people who are operating illegally as nightclubs.' Said David. 

Last month deputies arrested James Bethea, the owner of Balls after they say they found large amounts of alcohol.

We're told the place does not have permits to sell it. 

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