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Some believe corn shortage will impact livestock

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - With there being a corn shortage, due to bad weather in the Midwest earlier this year, the crop is costing a little more than in previous years.

Some farmers believe corn is at least $2.00 higher than it should be.


According to Chandler Worley, a farmer in Columbus County, due to a shortage some companies here in North Carolina are having corn imported from other places.

"With prices high, they're probably trying to buy corn overseas, while they can." Said Worley.

He says, since the price of corn has gone up, some feed companies are struggling because farmers can't afford to feed their livestock.

"I've heard bacon is predicted to be high as $10.00 a pack. The average consumer can't afford that. When the consumer backs off and get in the habit of not eating pork chops and bacon, it takes them a while to get back into eating it. That kills the demand for pigs, pork, and chickens." Said Worley. 
Worley, tells us, the current price of corn could affect any farm bills lawmakers across the country pass. He says, that's because they're factoring in how much corn is now and that price will likely go down.

"In two or three years, we go back to two dollars and a half corn. Four or five dollar beans and three dollar wheat. You're going to have a bunch of busted farmers out there and there's not going to be any help." Added Worley. 

This year some farmers in North Carolina actually grew corn early. So they could grow another batch before the weather changed.

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