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WATCH: McIntyre-Rouzer debate from Sept, 28

Mike McIntyre and David Rouzer met in the WECT studio for their first debate of the Congressional campaign Mike McIntyre and David Rouzer met in the WECT studio for their first debate of the Congressional campaign

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) –  Mike McIntyre and David Rouzer met Friday, Sept. 28 in the first face-to-face debate of the 7th Congressional District campaign. The two men took questions in the WECT studios from anchor Jon Evans, on topics such as healthcare reform, medicare and social security entitlements, and tax reform.

McIntyre, who is serving his eighth term in the U.S. House of Representatives, criticized Rouzer repeatedly on two points, Medicare and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Rouzer has said he supports the Medicare plan put forward by Rep. Paul Ryan, the current Republican nominee for Vice-President. McIntyre criticized the plan as being unfair to senior citizens.

"It (the Ryan plan) clearly won't work," McIntyre said in the debate. "It won't work unless suddenly Mr. Rouzer is asking our senior citizens to come up with sixty-four hundred dollars a year that folks don't have, and take away their guaranteed Medicare benefits.  This is not the government's money."

Rouzer countered by saying he has worked on solutions his entire political career, and he believes the Ryan plan provides a solution.  "Medicare goes bankrupt in twelve years," he said. "The Democrat plan is to do nothing. What the Paul Ryan plan does is bring about competition and transparency, in order to drive costs down so that we can save and preserve Medicare."

Rouzer several times brought up McIntyre's congressional record of voting for Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and also criticized the incumbent's record of passing legislation. "Congressman McIntyre has been in Congress for 16 years and not one bill of which he has been the primary sponsor has ever been signed into law," said Rouzer. "Conversely, I've served in the state Senate for two terms, helped to write two balanced budgets without raising taxes. I've sponsored and gotten passed into law major legislation helping our job creators."

McIntyre disputes Rouzer's contention about the legislation, saying the tobacco buyout bill that he co-sponsored the tobacco buyout bill, which he says is "the Jenkins-McIntyre bill".

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