See, Click, Fix: tennis courts go dark

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A viewer posted this problem on the See,Click, Fix site on

The lighting on the front courts is terrible. I was playing a match last night and even though the lights were on it was dark on the courts. Can the bulbs that are burned out be replaced? Can we get some decent lights on the old courts? The lights on the newer back courts and the lights at Empie's new courts are much better than these. Tennis is a big thing in New Hanover County and we are short on courts as it is. Can we please make the courts that we do have playable? With it getting dark earlier now, this is a big issue.

The New Hanover County Parks and Garden Department responded:

The New Hanover County Parks and Gardens Department is in the process of replacing the light bulbs. The bulbs have been ordered, but we are experiencing light bulb replacement problems with the shipping company. We expect to have them replaced by end of week Sept. 28, 2012. 

Empie Park has MUSCO lighting which is higher quality but also much more expensive. Hugh MacRae and Ogden tennis courts have box style lighting and Veterans Park has MUSCO lighting. Until funds are available to upgrade the lighting at Ogden tennis to MUSCO it will continue to have the current style lighting. The current style lighting does meet USTA standards.

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