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My Turn: Frivolous spending of taxpayer dollars

Legal issues can cause real financial challenges for local governments.  Recently, WECT's Ann McAdams detailed how some beach towns are spending tens of thousands of dollars on litigation each year.

Oak Island has racked up over a million dollars in the past 12 months.  The fact is these towns need legal representation.  But how much is the proper amount becomes the question.

One citizen we interviewed said he was pleased with the direction of council in Oak Island recently because it looked like the members were really treating the tax dollars as if they were their own.  The town is trying to wean itself off its never ending penchant for litigation.

But they're not alone.  Ann found out several towns have steep legal fees to negotiate contracts, settle disputes and just run their day-to-day town business.   In many towns, this makes an attorney the highest paid of all employees on the payroll.  And when they engage outside counsel, the stakes get really high.

I know the urge for some of these town leaders is to win at any cost.  But is that really the most prudent decision?  Probably not.

In this, and all financial matters, they should do as the gentleman from Oak Island says and treat those tax dollars as if it really is their own money.

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