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Fact Check: ads by McIntyre and Rouzer campaigns

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Fact check done on ads run by two local candidates for Congress Fact check done on ads run by two local candidates for Congress

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Recent television ads aired by the campaigns in the 7th Congressional District race contain some questionable references. The commercials approved by Rep. Mike McIntyre and Sen. David Rouzer include claims made by the other candidate.

A political commercial recently debuted by Sen. Rouzer's campaign tries to link Rep. McIntyre with President Obama. The audio includes the statement "McIntyre says we are better off thanks to Obama", while referencing a Cape Fear Watchdog report dating back to Sept. 3. You can see in the report here, that Rep. McIntyre is quoted saying "we are better off in many ways in 2012 than in 2008", but he does not say it is because of the President.

WECT news asked the Rouzer campaign about that point, and whether the ad will continue to run.  "The ad will continue to air," said Jessica Wood, a spokesperson for the campaign. "McIntyre has said Southeastern North Carolinians are better off in 2012 than in 2008, the period Obama has been president. We believe that is what he was talking about."

Rouzer's campaign also claims there are inaccuracies in an ad being run by the McIntyre campaign, featuring retired Marine Corps General Charles Krulak.  Gen. Krulak says in the television commercial supporting Rep. McIntyre  "Now his opponent says he votes like Nancy Pelosi? Not true."

The numbers say Rep. McIntyre has voted with Rep. Pelosi a majority of the time since 2007. Open-Congress.com shows Rep. McIntyre has voted with Rep. Pelosi  67% of the time since 2007, when she became House Speaker after Democrats took over majority in that chamber. Click here to see the comparison. Another source shows Rep. McIntyre voted with the party at
least 90% of the time when Rep. Pelosi served as Speaker in the 110th & 111th Congressional sessions. So far in the 112th Congress, records show McIntyre has voted with his party 68% of the time.

McIntyre's campaign also cites figures that the Congressman has voted with Republicans in the North Carolina delegation  55% of the time since 2007.

"Mike McIntyre works in a bi-partisan way to get things done, his voting record reflects that and his work specifically in the district to help families and individuals who are facing tough times shows a commitment to always help," said Lachlan McIntosh, campaign manager for Rep. McIntyre's re-election campaign.  "That's why the independent National Journal has consistently ranked him as one of the most moderate Members of Congress and pro business groups like the National Federation of Independent Businesses have endorsed him.  David Rouzer does not want voters to know the truth so he makes things up."

Rep. McIntyre and Sen. Rouzer will meet for their first face-to-face debate of the campaign Sept. 28, in the WECT studios.

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