Protest to support mental health care workers

Families holding up signs at a protest Monday.
Families holding up signs at a protest Monday.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Parents and supporters of the mental health care system were showing off their frustrations with budget cuts that will affect them at a protest Monday in Wilmington.

Some have seen their assigned social workers reduced from working five days a week to only working one and in some cases, none. Parents passed around a petition to sign that will be sent off to Governor Perdue. One parent said since the mentally disabled can't speak for themselves, they will.

"They need these services to keep going and it seems like they're constantly getting cut," said Sheila Caviness who is a parent of a mentally disabled student. "You get to one area where it seems like things are okay and then you get another budget cut. It seems easy to take it out on these people. They don't have a voice we have to speak out for them."

The budget cuts affect the mentally handicapped as well as those with substance abuse problems.

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