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Assisted living facility fighting to stay open

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State officials tried shutting down Waterbrooke on Thursday. State officials tried shutting down Waterbrooke on Thursday.

TABOR CITY, NC (WECT) - An assisted living facility in Columbus County is fighting to stay open as it finds itself surrounded in scrutiny. The state tried to shut down Waterbrooke in Tabor City this past weekend until a judge blocked the order.

A Columbus County social services worker has been on site since Thursday. That's when state officials tried to shut down Waterbrooke Assisted Living. Officials claimed residents were in imminent danger and were being neglected. 30 residents, including Mary Jordan's mother, were relocated.

"I was asking why? What happened? What was so bad they had to move these residents in the middle of the night? They called me at 9:30 p.m. so that means she was leaving around 10," Jordan said.

Jordan said her mother lived at Waterbrooke for about 15 years and nothing major happened. But she said when she was packing her mom's things last Friday, she was concerned by the condition of her room.

"It had not had a deep cleaning in some time. It was very dusty. I had to have someone come and help me. We had to open a window. I had allergies and had to step outside," she said.

Over the past year, police have been called to Waterbrooke 35 times. Five of those were for assaults, five were for a missing person, and four were for larcenies.

Documents from the state show in February an unannounced visit led to a complaint that the facility failed to provide supervision of residents. Because it didn't have enough evidence, the state didn't take any action at that time.

Another complaint by state officials shows some of the rooms had broken furniture and did not have proper items in them.

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