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Topsail residents divided on new park plan

Plans for park at Topsail Beach Plans for park at Topsail Beach

TOPSAIL BEACH (WECT) - Residents in Topsail Beach seem to be split when it comes to building a park in town, right now, there isn't one.

During Wednesday night's public hearing, a majority of people said they did not want leaders to buy land at the intersection of Davis and South Anderson Blvd to build the park. The Town Mayor, Howard Braxton, says many people were concerned about the park's safety because it is so close to the road, and the amount of money it would cost to buy the land.

Mayor Braxton says the cost of the land is about $550,000, however, he says with grant money and donations, the town would pay a lot less.

He also says, the board also agreed to ask NCDOT to do a survey of the road to see if adding crosswalks could help make it safer.

Overall, Mayor Braxton says he believes the park is needed at Topsail Beach.

"Everybody says, you got the beach, you got the sound, but not everybody can go stay out in the sun the whole time," said Mayor Braxton. "It's just a good place for grandparents to bring their grandkids and watch them play."

The town board approved the purchase for the park, but it's dependent on two public hearings. If the public decides they do not want the park, the land will not be purchased, and the park will not be built.

There will be another public hearing in October.

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