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My Turn: Nat'l Do Not Call Registry is ineffective

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It sounded like a great idea - the federal government came up with an innovative way to help citizens with the National Do Not Call Registry.  It's hard to believe it's been almost a decade since the registry went into effect. 

But you've probably figured out by now it's not the most effective tool.

There were already exemptions in place that allowed political organizations, charities and survey takers to ignore the list, but it seems lately things are getting worse.

The Associated Press pointed out this week that complaints to the agency overseeing the registry have increased sharply from about 65,000 in late 2010 to more than 200,000 earlier this year.

The AP points out that fewer telemarketers are checking the registry for any newly added numbers.

Despite these statistics, a Federal Trade Commission spokesperson says the registry is working.  They must have a different interpretation of "it's working" than I do.

There's either a problem with the law or a problem with enforcement.  Either way it's time to revisit the National Do Not Call Registry and repair or replace this otherwise great idea.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

The calls are driving me crazy - I get numerous call from Myrtle Beach about condos or housing.  Wish they would do away with ALL political calls - if they want to do something - send it by mail and we can trash it.  At least it won't be interrupting during your quite time.  Come up with a way to block all unwanted calls from politicians to telemarketers.

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