EXCLUSIVE: Man facing death row speaks about murder scene

Andrew Adams said he did not kill Latricia Scott in January 2012.
Andrew Adams said he did not kill Latricia Scott in January 2012.
Adams' mug shot (Source: New Hanover County Jail)
Adams' mug shot (Source: New Hanover County Jail)
Victim Latricia Scott as a child. (Source: Susan Mitchell, family member.)
Victim Latricia Scott as a child. (Source: Susan Mitchell, family member.)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The man accused of murdering Latricia Scott spoke with WECT.com exclusively Friday.

Andrew Adams said he did not kill Scott in January 2012.

Prosecutors in New Hanover County officially announced Thursday that they will seek the death penalty in this murder case.

According to Wilmington Police investigators, Adams gave them a written confession earlier this year stating that he did murder Scott. Adams told WECT.com on Friday that he made that confession to help cover up for the person that really did kill Scott.

Scott, 24, was found buried in the yard of a home located off of Cowan Street near downtown Wilmington.

Friday, Adams admitted to burying Scott's dead body, but said someone else killed her.

According to Adams, he and Scott had been dating for about a year. He said she came over to his home after one of her classes at Cape Fear Community College and she found another woman at the house.

Adams said the woman had been doing crack cocaine and asked Adams if she could sit down on a bed for a little bit.

Adams said Scott and the other woman knew each other and said they did not get along.

Adams claimed that the two women then started fighting, and when he tried to separate them, he fell to the ground because he was intoxicated.

Adams said when he turned to look at Scott she was on the floor bleeding.

"I sat there with Tricia's head in my lap and I was crying and shaking," he said. "I didn't know what to do."

Adams said the other woman beat Scott with a hammer and killed her.

"I didn't know what to do," he said. "So I just lied to the detective."

He said the other woman left the house shortly after. He recalled seeing another person looking through the house window when the murder happened.

Adams told WECT.com he wants that person to come forward and tell what he claims is the truth about that day on Cowan Street.

"It's been hard on me," said Adams. "She was my best friend. I loved her. I loved her just as much as her Mom."

Adams said he was scared about what the police and the Scott family would think about what happened between the other woman and Scott so he decided to bury her.

Adams said he did not dig the hole in the yard where Scott was found, but could not recall who did dig the hole. Adams said he was intoxicated and in shock from the events he had just witnessed.

Adams is currently facing the death penalty for the murder. He believes the Scott family pushed for this punishment.

"We all gonna die one day," said Adams. "If they kill me, I won't be killing myself."

A judge ordered Adams to have no contact with the Scott family until the trial is over.

Prosecutors accused Adams of writing a letter to Scott's sister from jail. Adams admitted to writing that letter. He said he wrote it to tell the truth about what happened to Latricia.

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